About us

Symbioteq was established in 1994 as the medical device regulations were taking shape in Europe. The company was formed not only to help our clients satisfy regulatory requirements, but with the objective of helping them develop and maintain management systems and technical documentation adapted to their operations. This objective still characterizes the company today.

The name Symbioteq is an acronym for the symbiosis between technology and quality (SYMBIOsis between TEchnology and Quality). It was originally formed as a reaction to the type of reactive quality work that we were seeing all-to-frequently where, at the end of the project, a development team became aware of the regulatory requirements that they should have taken into account both during the project and for the product documentation. Such an approach leads to extensive, time-consuming and thus costly work that must suddenly be performed just when the organization thought it was prepared for an imminent launch.

In 2001 Symbioteq became a limited company with headquarters in Stockholm. Today the company also has an office in Gothenburg.

We work mainly in the medical device niche, but can also apply the same philosophy to other Life Science disciplines as well as to caregiving.

Symbioteq also takes steps to improve our world by supporting ECPAT, which works against the trafficking of children, the Children’s Cancer Foundation, UNICEF and Missing People.