Handling of personal data

In contact with Symbioteq Kvalitet AB the personal data included in your email will be used for the purpose of the content of your mail.
Symbioteq Kvalitet AB will handle your personal data in accordance with data protection legislation. We will only retain your personal data for as long as necessary for the stated purpose, while also taking into account our need to answer queries or resolve problems and to comply with legal requirements under applicable laws.
This means that we may retain your personal data for a reasonable period after your last interaction with us. When the personal data that we collect is no longer required in this way, we destroy or delete it in a secure manner.
The responsible party for handling the personal data is Symbioteq Kvalitet AB. If you wish to receive information regarding handling of your personal data please send a written request to Symbioteq Kvalitet AB, Box 1251, 131 28 Nacka Strand or mail info (at)symbioteq.se. We will distribute the information to you without charge. You also have the right to request a change of incorrect or misleading information as well as have your data deleted (as long as the personal data is not required for other reasons, e.g. legal requirements).